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Individual Horsemanship/Group Lessons/Horse Camps

Are you someone who has a desire to learn how to ride horses or improve your riding skills? 

Have you been taking riding lessons for quite some time,

but still do not know how to saddle, bridle, post or

hold your seat in the saddle? 

Do you want to be a better Horseman or Horsewoman?

Then you are in the right Place!

You start with the basics & build on 4 main pillars:

#1-Awareness-Finding where you are

     and where you want to be.

     Safety, Haltering, Saddling,

     Bridling & Mounting

#2-Trust- Connecting with your horse.

      Here you will learn a new language.

      The language of the horse. Learning

      to communicate with your body

      instead of your mouth. 

#3-Intention- Creating movement.

      Building on the first two pillars

      now it is time to get those hooves

      moving. Here is where 2 become

      one and action takes place.

#4-Release-Confidence in Freedom.

     Horses make us feel like we have

     the ability to spread our wings and

     fly. The more we sharpen your

     riding skills, the more your dreams

     will take flight.

We provide everything. 

$75 per 1 hour session group our individual. must be 12 years or older.


Lessons Not available on Fridays-Sunday 

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Meet The Team

Lesson Horse- "Odie"
Lesson Horse- "JJ"

A Few of Our Clients

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