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Horse Sensations Therapy

"Who says we have to live with "anxiety" because our world is crazy??"
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"Everyone has the ability to function with sound mind
when they are given the right tools!"
Horses are gentle giants and present opportunities to overcome
anxiety, fear, timidity and broken trust. Horses are herd animals & communicate
through body language creating a safe space for individuals to feel accepted and build trust.
Who We Are:

A revolutionary horse therapy program assisting people

to find clarity, sound mind & emotional stability.

How we do it:


Our model allows you to experience interactions with the horse herd on

the ground while an equine specialist oversees and maintains a safe environment.

 During your session with our horses, Shaley Griffin(Head Equine Specialist) guides &

facilitates you through a series of questions allowing you to process through your story.

This model unveils truths that bring mental clarity & self awareness resulting in mental & emotional healing.

What we do:

We assist you in learning to "harness" your thoughts and actions towards positive life outcomes.

Horses are Champions within our horse therapy program. The horses are all about building trust and they accept you

no matter of your past. This helps you open up communication and spiritual healing. It is truly a remarkable experience!



No horse experience necessary for the Aspiring Champions Horse Therapy Program.

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Join us in this amazing cause to build strong mental health!

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Let's Make Mental Shifts Happen!


Become an Aspiring Champions Business Buckle Sponsor!

When you sponsor an individual that cant afford the "out of pocket" session fee.

you just became a "CHAMPION" Yourself! Being someone who fights for another in need is homorable! 

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Deuteronomy 7:9 God is faithful to keep his covenant for thousands of generations & put his love on those who love him & obey his commands.

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Champion With Us!


I started listening to the Aspiring Cowgirl podcast shortly into my divorce. I always heard Shaley say “if you would like to visit & chat about my program email me”.. I always giggled like “yah right, no one wants to hear my story or problems because I don’t even want to face them!
BY THE GRACE OF GOD; he told me to reach out to her & it literally changed my life, mentally, emotionally, & even how I raise my children!

I thank my Father often for blessing Shaley with her knowledge & special gifts of helping others become who He created them to be. Jessica Lynn


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